About Me

Clarence Riley - Commercial Credit Card Consultant

I have held several technical positions over the course of a short military career and a long career in corporate America. I strongly believe that the time spend in the military after high school was the key to preparing for a professional career.

Over the past 40 years, my time spent in corporate America was dedicated to the technology industry. I served several years as a software engineer before accepting a managerial position where I remained for the bulk of my time. I recently retired from corporate America and is currently an active business and technical consultant.

With degrees in Computer Science and Business Management, I prepared myself for a Career that will be rewarding and satisfying to my personal and professional life. I am a strong believer that hard work with a positive attitude while always putting God and family first will opening doors that seems impossible at times.

During the course of my career, I personally experienced or observed many career challenges which inspired me to write the book 32 Career Enemies. I wrote this book in order to share the knowledge that I gained over my many years in the work force so that others can benefit. 

For those entering into the work force, I believe that the information contained in the book 32 Career Enemies will provide the reader with knowledge that is not taught in high school or college. For individuals currently starting a new career or looking to advance in their current career, I believe that the information in the book will prepare the reader for the challenges they may face in the future or challenges they will be able to assist family members or friends with facing. 

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